Affectation Fashion Line from Stikeleather Apparel

This is a very cool concept in fashion and it’s coming from right here in Indianapolis… Zionsville to be exact.

I recently came across Ian Stikeleather and helped him with a few tasks as he launches this new fashion line that uses magnetic clasps and closures to enable quick customization and variations to your clothing apparel. The video below really explains everything in great deal.

“I started this line with ease of wear in mind, but it grew rather organically into a line with unprecedented versatility. I have yet to see another shirt that has a reversible collar and cuffs.I really think magnetic closures have the ability to replace buttons and be the closure of the future”  – Ian Stikeleather

You can find out a little more from his website, but also be sure to checkout his Kickstarter campaign where he’s trying to generate some capital to really take this design concept to the masses.