Church Brothers Driving Indianapolis Business with Social Media

I had a great experience a couple of weeks ago with Church Brothers Collision Repair. I had seen that they were on twitter and sent them a quick message asking if they repaired broken seatbelt retractors. They responded that they did so I let them know I would plan on coming into their downtown location […]

A Night of Protective Thinking: Free Public Safety Training

There’s an event coming up this week at Conseco Fieldhouse that’s something you’re probably going to want to attend. It’s called "A Night of Protective Thinking" and it’s completely free. The event has been organized and developed by An Escape Plan. Jeff Patterson, IMPD officer and self-defense trainer will be sharing with participants a variety […]

The Indianapolis Zoo Loses A Star – Tahtsa the Polar Bear

I’ve been to a lot of city zoos over my lifetime and few of them compare with the Indianapolis Zoo. My family always enjoys a trip downtown to the zoo. It’s one of the many great things I love about Indy. (a family membership is always a great Christmas present – hint hint) Unfortunately, the […]

Healthcare: Right or Privilege? – A Smaller Indiana Debate

Smaller Indiana will be hosting their first, of hopefully more to come, debates across a variety of topics. The first debate will take place this Friday night at the Indy Fringe downtown facility. The debate will feature two teams debating the question of whether healthcare is a right or a privilege. Here are the teams: […]

Blog Indiana 2009 Less Than a Week Away! – REGISTER NOW!

It’s official! I’m registered for the Blog Indiana conference taking place next week in Indianapolis. It’s the 2nd year for the event and I absolutely cannot wait to see what’s in store. There will be over 50 speakers and panelists at this year’s event and I’m sure I’ll walk away with pages of notes on […]