Blog Indiana 2009 Less Than a Week Away! – REGISTER NOW!


It’s official! I’m registered for the Blog Indiana conference taking place next week in Indianapolis. It’s the 2nd year for the event and I absolutely cannot wait to see what’s in store. There will be over 50 speakers and panelists at this year’s event and I’m sure I’ll walk away with pages of notes on how to improve, expand or focus my blogging efforts for another year.

I was going to say that if you’re a blogger in Indiana you MUST come to this event! Then I decided that would be too exclusive.

  • If you’re not a blogger and just curious about what’s all this hubbub is about. THIS IS THE CONFERENCE FOR YOU!
  • If you’re in business and want to know how all this technology could help you succeed! THIS IS THE CONFERENCE FOR YOU!
  • If you’re within driving distance from Indianapolis. THIS IS THE CONFERENCE FOR YOU!
  • If you’re wondering what all this social media stuff is all about. THIS IS THE CONFERENCE FOR YOU!
  • If you’re an "expert" in blogging or social media. THIS IS THE CONFERENCE FOR YOU!
  • If you’re breathing. THIS IS THE CONFERENCE FOR YOU!

You get my point.

There’s so much great information to expect from this conference that you’ll want to be here participate. Last year’s conference was a great success and was the first year. Building on that event and moving forward, this year’s conference will be sure to be a success as well.

If you haven’t yet been convinced, visit the Blog Indiana website and find out a little more about some of the great speakers, informative sessions and all-around good time that’s to be had in Indianapolis next Thursday through Saturday. Oh, and while you’re on the site, go ahead and register!


  1. I had planned on attending. Last year I missed the conference because I learned about it AFTER the conference. It was on my calendar all year and then when the dates and cost we officially announced I deleted it from the calendar. Last year the published rate was around $50, right? What is the reason for the HUGE jump in fees this year? I find the cost to be very restrictive especially when compared to other high profile national blogging events.