Casey Mullins Chooses Indy

Mommy and general blogging extraordinaire, Casey Mullins, continues to deliver great posts. In a recent post in her "Visit Indy with Kids" site on the Indianapolis Convention and Visitor’s Association site, she shares why her and her husband chose Indy.

What probably happened is Mr. Duffy came here years ago, before the city realized what amazing possibility it had. Almost every American city goes through a rebirth at some point and every city has those awkward growing pains and uncomfortable teenage years.

She’s right!

I’d now say Indianapolis has turned into a nice little young adult of a city. I know we’ve got more history than that, but I’m perpetuating the growing pain metaphor.

Her post was spurred on by another post that talked about how awful Indianapolis is as a city. We all know that’s not true if you’ve live here or have visited recently. The negative article was focusing on Indianapolis being chosen as a potential location to host the World Cup Soccer event.

Read Casey’s Why I Chose Indy post and share your comments.


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