An Update on the Papa Roux and Jhaquiel Story

Whew! It’s been a whirlwind of a week for Papa, Jhaquiel and the rest of the Roux Croux. This story definite tripped the viral meter and has been heard all over the nation as well as internationally from places like Adelaide, Australia, the Ukraine, South Korea, Russia, Canada, the Philipines and plenty of other places. […]

The Roux Way

Many of you may be familiar with Papa Roux. It’s an east side cajun restaurant at 10th and Post Road operated by the “Papa”, Arthur, and the “Mama”, Colleen, and whole Croux of other great employees. You may have tasted his tremendous poboy sandwiches made with fresh seafood from Zirlott’s Gulf Products when they’re available. […]

Affectation Fashion Line from Stikeleather Apparel

This is a very cool concept in fashion and it’s coming from right here in Indianapolis… Zionsville to be exact. I recently came across Ian Stikeleather and helped him with a few tasks as he launches this new fashion line that uses magnetic clasps and closures to enable quick customization and variations to your clothing […]

Is the IndyStar in Hospice Now

I was reminded recently about a post I’ve been meaning to share recently. It’s about all the recent changes with the local newspaper, the Indy Star moving to an online subscription program business model and walling up their content. The new model increases subscription rates (about $24/mnth) on hard copy edition subscribers and also provides […]

Vote NOW for Rock Cola in Super 46 Sandwich Contest

Okay folks. It’s crunch time! Voting is still open in the Super 46 Sandwich contest until 10am tomorrow. Right now my friends at the Rock Cola are behind in the votes and we need your help. Go ahead, click that image. See the Mile High Club Sandwich in all of its splendor! Then, go visit […]