Indianapolis Competing with Much Larger Cities

I read a good article this evening in the IndyStar about how Indianapolis is really competing with larger cities. This article discussed how we’re continuing to expand entertainment districts and venues available to residents and visitors. "In some of our fastest-growing industries . . . we’re competing with other cities like Boston and San Diego […]

Celebrating the Holidays in Indianapolis

Today we have a guest post by another long-time Indianapolis resident, Paula Henry. Paula is a local realtor who has great memories of Indianapolis. I remember the first time I saw Soldiers and Sailors Monument lighted at Christmas in downtown Indianapolis. The ten year old child never forgot the beauty of seeing so many lights […]

Some Halloween Lighting Creativity

You’ve probably seen the YouTube video of the houses that choreograph their Christmas lights to different Christmas songs. Well, this is the first time I’ve ever seen someone do something similar for Halloween. Anyone know of a house in Indianapolis that goes all out for Halloween? Let us know. Hat tip to Andrew Angle for […]

I-465 West Side Construction Moving Along

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday at the pace traffic was moving on the west side of Indianapolis around I-465. Honestly, I think the whole process has been fairly positive. Rarely was traffic ever reduced down to less than three lanes through the entire expansion project. My only recent frustration was when the “express” lane was […]

RCA Dome Roof Fabric to Be Used for Urban Parks (VIDEO)

Here’s a great idea for reusing and recycling the fabric roof of RCA Dome and spread it across the city to be used in our local, urban parks. If you think this is a good idea to support, you can help us vote for it and get Pepsi to foot the bill for the project.