Time Lapse and Other Video of Indy by Paul D’Andrea

I shared a link earlier of some of the photos local photographer, Paul D’Andrea, had taken over the last few days of Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis. Just noticed some of his videos he’s put together and here’s one of them. Everytime I see Paul’s work I’m more impressed. I’ll let you decide for yourself […]

Lucas Oil Stadium Made from LEGOs

Growing up I spent hours playing with LEGO’s and other building block toys, as well as Tinker Toys and Lincoln Logs. As a kid I always wanted more LEGO’s and never had the money to buy them, but had seemingly endless hours to play with the ones I did have. Now that I’m an adult […]

Two Indianapolis Guys Set Red Kettle Bell Ringing World Record

I’m proud to say I know Leilan McNally (a.k.a. @BgKahuna) and should get to know Caleb Stokes (a.k.a. @CS_Indy). These two guys have just set a World Record for standing and ringing a bell for Salvation Army’s Red Kettle campaign. The two of them, along with another guy in Illinois lasted for more than 60 […]

Classic Cakes Carmel Featured Nationwide

There’s a bit of a history that was pulled into our family when I got married. You see anytime there’s a birthday or other special event in my family or my wife’s family, we go get a cake from Classic Cakes in Carmel. They’ve done wedding cakes, my groom’s cake, we had a cake on […]

Local Watercolor Artist – Ryan Petrow

My friend, Ryan Petrow, is an artist and does some really great paintings, mostly in watercolors. I remember working with watercolor as I pursued my minor in art and one of the things I didn’t like about it is I could never get the fine detail and hard lines I wanted in my paintings. For […]