Top 5 Nursing Career Opportunities

Indianapolis has quite a vibrant medical community with a number of large hospitals and life-sciences organizations with headquarters and business activity in our region. With so much opportunity at the epicenter of our community, the availability of nursing jobs for those interested in getting into the healthcare field is an attractive option. Today we have […]

A USS Indianapolis 317 Coincidence

Today I noticed the title of a book of “Only 317 Survived!: USS Indianapolis (CA-35) Navy’s Worst Tragedy at Sea”. I am generally familiar with the sinking of the USS Indianapolis in World War II on July 30, 1945. There have been a number of specials about the event on The Discover Channel, The History […]

Indianapolis Water’s P-Free Pledge

I couldn’t help but smirk when I went to the Indianapolis Water website to pay my water bill and saw this promotion on their website. I’m not sure about you, but when it comes to water, whether it be in the pool or my faucet, I always prefer it to be “P-Free”.

Friday Night Performance of Borrow Tomorrow at Vogue

What are you doing this Friday night? Well, if you live in Indianapolis then you need to be heading over to the Vogue to see one of Indy’s up and coming rock bands. These guys have not played Indianapolis in quite some time but are ready to rock the house with the 80’s cover band […]

Choose Laser Flash for Some Fun in Indy

Early in December my son wanted to have a small birthday party with just a few of his friends. Earlier in the year we had gone to Laser Flash up in Carmel for another friend’s birthday party and had a blast. When it was time for my son’s party we knew we were going to […]