Chris Erskine Goes From LA to Indy and Back


I just saw a link shared by Indianapolis Bloggers on Twitter about an article in the Los Angeles Times from Chris Erskine and his visit to Indianapolis.

Chris seems to have experienced a little for himself that things that make our city Positively Indy! You can read his full story here: Indianapolis’ big Midwestern howdy.

His article leads me to believe he did get a good cross-section of all the things to do around Indy from sports, to culture, to eating and of course racing. His only bad experience was trying to get directions from some of us on where to go and how to get there. Do you know where you’d send people if someone just walked up to you on the street?

You do?


Let us know in the comments and let’s see all the places that we can think of that visitors to Indianapolis should experience for themselves that Chris may have missed out on himself during his visit. If you’re on Twitter, Chris is on there too at @erskinetimes.