Church Brothers Driving Indianapolis Business with Social Media

I had a great experience a couple of weeks ago with Church Brothers Collision Repair. I had seen that they were on twitter and sent them a quick message asking if they repaired broken seatbelt retractors.


They responded that they did so I let them know I would plan on coming into their downtown location to have them give me an estimate.

When I walked in to the location, Danyel greeted me warmly and I let her know that I was interested in getting a quote on repairing my seatbelt in my car. She confirmed that I was the person that asked about it on twitter and I asked if she was the one that managed the account.

Danyel said no but that their corporate office was looking to use twitter more to interact with customers and potential customers and they contacted her because I said I’d probably stop by their location today.

Danyel got a specialist, Wes, to come out and look at my car and see what I needed with my seatbelt. While he was looking at the car I also asked him about replacing some of the interior door handles that were starting to crack and break. Wes worked up a quote for me on the price for replacing the items and the labor involved. I couldn’t have asked for any better customer service and interaction from Danyel and Wes. They both did a tremendous job.

What a great extension of using twitter to work with customers, then build on that interaction by letting locations know to expect that customer and to reinforce the positive experience of using twitter.

Bravo and kudos to the Church Brothers Collision Repair team for making my experience with their company and absolutely positive one.

Now I just have to figure out how I’m going to pay the money to get the new seatbelt mechanism replaced and installed. Seat belts aren’t important are they? Yeah, that’s what I thought.