Essential Security for Your Indianapolis Business

Business owners who think that they do not need business security systems could be making one of the most disastrous and expensive mistakes possible. Most businesses have valuable equipment or stock on the premises, and those assets could easily become a very attractive target for a criminal particularly if the criminal suspects that the business in question isnt protected. A business security system is a vital component of a well-run business, and there are a number of affordable options on the market from which the business owner can choose.

The purpose of business security systems

CCTV Camera

Even though a business might be too small to justify a head of security, that doesnt mean that it does not need a plan to properly safeguard the lives and property of staff members, the physical infrastructure and assets of the business, as well as products and stock.

The purpose of a business security system is not only to prevent unauthorized access to the premises, although keeping out intruders is a very important consideration; a good security system also acts as a deterrent to would be intruders. When a business premise carries a sign stating that it is guarded by CCTV cameras which are monitored by a security firm around the clock, it is usually enough to scare off most casual intruders.

Another important consideration is the fact that CCTV footage can help police identify and apprehend criminals after a break in, as well as being important evidence in court. Footage from strategically placed surveillance cameras can be very important not only in cases where outside intruders are concerned, but also when internal theft or fraud has been committed.

Where to start

The best way to start assessing the security needs of a business is by conducting a security audit. An effective security audit will be designed to address vital questions such as:

  • What are the key assets of the company, including intellectual assets?
  • What are the main threats to these assets?
  • Are there any clear crime generators in the neighborhood; for example, night clubs or shops staying open 24/7?
  • How many access points are there and how are these access points protected?
  • Have proper steps been taken to make all doors and windows access-proof?


CCTV cameras As previously explained, when set up at strategic points around the business premises video surveillance cameras serve as an important deterrent to potential intruders. If these cameras are also connected to a 24/7 control room, the business owner or his/her representative can be immediately informed if anything out of the ordinary seems to be taking place.

Intruder alarms  Intruder alarms serve as a second level of defense for the business. If intruders are not scared off by the presence of CCTV cameras, the sound of an alarm going off will usually be enough to send them running. A silent alarm connected to a control room will result in an investigation team being dispatched to the business premises immediately.

Access control Controlling who is allowed into your business premises and even into specific areas of those premises should be part of most business security systems. Swipe cards, keypads for entering access codes, or even fingerprint recognition systems can help to control access to the main entrances, as well as to specific parts of a building. Merchant service providers employ encryption, tokenization, and fraud detection tools to safeguard sensitive information and prevent fraudulent activities. Access reliable support and guidance from the Top 20 Merchant Services for small business.