Football Fans… Start Your Engines

SuperCars NFL Superbowl XLVI Indianapolis

Photo Credit: Jason Lavengood

The football spirit is in top gear in the city of Indianapolis now. The Super Bowl Village and NFL Experience are officially open and coming around the 1st turn.

First if you’re visiting from out-of-town, WELCOME TO INDIANAPOLIS! Make yourself at home, unless that means sitting on the couch in your underwear, in that case, put some clothes on and come on out to the party.

Check-out that photo! Is that not the best! What better way to tie some of what Indianapolis is known for in with the NFL and the Super Bowl? A car for each team featuring their logo, colors and motif all rockin’ the Indy Car look of speed and craftsmanship.

As I made my way downtown to the City Market this morning I could already feel the energy surrounding the events that are going to be happening over the next week and a half in this wonderful city. As I left the City Market I noticed Monument Circle wasn’t completely blocked off so I headed that direction. I got a little bit of a view of the 30′ XLVI Roman numerals sitting on the Circle facing down Meridian. I also noticed there were a number of the Indy Food Trucks lined up on the northwest quadrant already serving some great food. There will be different rotations of food trucks each day in different shifts. What a great idea and option for football fans walking around the city.

The city is getting some positive press about how everything is going so far. Many people are already saying Indianapolis is going to be a great host city here, here and that we’ll be ready for anything. I’ll be interested in hearing this guy eat some of his words and hopefully issue an apology after the big game, but most of the commenters on his post have already set him straight on some of his inaccurate facts.

The Social Media Command Center has already been helpful to me as they answered my food truck question earlier this afternoon. My son has been begging me to take him to the food trucks, so I wanted to make sure they’d be around next Wednesday when our family will be heading downtown.

If you’re on Facebook or Twitter it’s almost a constant stream of all the fun people are having. If you’re curious, just follow some of these hashtags on Twitter: #SuperBowl46, #SuperBowl, #XLVI, #SuperBowlIndy, #Social46, #SuperIndy, #SB46, #SB2012, #SBVillage, #Super46.

Or you can of course follow some of these great friends and tweeps: @SuperBowl2012, @AroundIndy, @cjtheisen, @seppichdaily, @mooshinindy, @BgKahuna, @ChuckGose, @PeteThePlanner, @roundpeg, @NaptownBuzz and plenty more if you just watch those hashtags and tweets by everyone else.

I headed over to the Rock-Cola Cafe today for lunch to congratulate them, well more accurately to just fill my stomach with some more of their great food. Feel bad for my really close friends at Papa Roux (@PapaRoux) for not making it to the final two sandwiches, but love the support and excitement he’s been bringing to the city and the east side for all of this.

We’ll be seeing you around town I’m sure. Hit us up in the comments and let us know what you think of your experiences so far in the city. Whether your from here, or visiting from out-of-town. Let’s hear it!