Great Indianapolis Photos on flickr

Puddle Skyrise

Isn’t that a great photo? I love photography with unique perspectives or viewpoints that make you see things in a completely different way than you normally would otherwise.

Are you looking for some great photos of Indianapolis? Are you a photographer and would like to share your photos of Indianapolis with others?

There’s an I Choose Indy flickr group where you can both find and share great photos of Indianapolis with others. There’s even a great city street map with locations highlighted where photos exist.

A quick scan of the group gives you photos of the Indy skyline, local professional sports,  and many other great photos of local events and attractions.


  1. You have to look at each photo's individual restrictions. You can find that on the main photo information page for each one.

  2. Hi Katie,

    Each member of Flickr can apply their own terms of use. Your best bet is contacting them personally through Flickr if you wish to reuse them.


  3. Katie says:

    What are the terms of use for these photos?

  4. Thanks for joining you two! I look forward to checking out your photos.

  5. Good find! I just joined the group and added some of my best Indy pictures!

  6. Hey! I joined and added a photo…many more to come, I'm sure!