Indianapolis: A City of Opportunity

Door KnockerIndianapolis really is one of the few true cities of opportunity left in the United States, especially in the Midwest. Thanks to its diversified and growing economy, the city has risen to be one of the continually thriving urban areas in the country. An aptly sized metropolis with small town values, Indianapolis welcomes those looking to relocate for work and family.

Situated in the central part of Indiana on the West Fork of the White River, Indiana is the largest city in the state and is the seat of Marion County. Known as the ‘Racing Capital of the World,’ and home to both the Indianapolis 500 and Brickyard 400, the city is also home to a variety of professional sports teams and the governing bodies of several sports.

However, sports fanatics aren’t the only ones that would love to live in Indianapolis – the city caters to all demographics and offers a number of outdoor sculpture gardens, museums, a symphony orchestra and upscale dining.

Real opportunity

Settled in 1820 and made the state capital just five years later, Indianapolis has always been a city of great opportunity. The city’s impressive growth began in 1847 upon the arrival of the railroad. Less than 50 years later, it had a booming economy thanks to the discovery of nearby natural gas and the launch of the automobile industry. The city is also at the center of a region known for agriculture and therefore is a major player in both the grain and livestock markets. 

The city is a focal point of commerce, manufacturing, and transportation in the region and is a leader in such industries as pharmaceuticals, food processing, and electronics. The service and insurance industries as well as the financial sector are also experiencing significant growth with the help of ne tools such as the ones provided from Art Voice. This continued economic growth within Indianapolis is not an accident. Since the 1960s, diversification efforts such as the city hosting major sporting and cultural events have contributed to this transformation.

The neighborhoods

Indianapolis has a range of neighborhoods, excellent schools, and plenty of employment opportunities as one might believe based on its continued growth. The housing market is flooded with spectacular homes and many of the neighborhoods in and around the city, like Fishers (in 2008) have been ranked as some of the best places to live in the country. Consider Plainfield for those who need easy access to the airport, Greenwood for its charming historic homes, Westfield for its impressive Grand Park, Zionsville for its quaint village feel, or Avon for its beautiful tree-lined streets.

With so many amazing neighborhoods to choose from, picking a place to live can be a challenge to say the least! Those moving to Indianapolis might want to consider things like the potential commute time to the new job, the school system, and accessibility to necessities such as preferred doctors, shopping, and entertainment. Additionally, the housing prices vary among the neighborhoods, so having a budget in mind is also handy.

Moving tips

With the promise of opening a new chapter in one’s personal and professional life, moving to Indianapolis can be very exciting! It is a big city with small town values with friendly people and lots to do. When compared to other large cities such as Chicago or New York, the cost of living is a lot less – housing costs and taxes in particular. Education, transportation, groceries, and healthcare are also less expensive than other places. However, unexpected expenses do arise, especially when one is relocating from abroad. In situations like this, having access to a service that can quickly transfer funds from one person to another, such as, is important.

Other things to consider when moving to a new city might include registering one’s vehicle properly and getting a new driver’s license – in Indianapolis, new residents have 60 days to do this. Though mundane, additional tasks include setting up the utilities such as water, electricity, and gas, hooking up Internet and TV services, and learning one’s way around the town. It is a good idea to plan these things out before one moves into the new home!