Indianapolis Positively Gets Sports Events

It was the classic Under-dawg game. David vs. Goliath. Local Indianapolis university, Butler, taking on the big, bad Blue Devils of Duke in North Carolina.

It was a tight game the entire 1st and 2nd half. In the end it came down to a free throw to put the game to two points away from the Butler win. Our boys get the ball, are forced to take a half-court shot for the win and… it just misses.

What doesn’t miss though is Indianapolis hosting major sporting events like the NCAA Final Four. Our wonderful city regularly hosts conference championships, regional tournaments, other collegiate events, professional football games, professional basketball games, amazing minor league games, oh and we have these big events where men and women push highly tuned machines around a flat-track; maybe you’ve heard of them: NASCAR’s Brickyard 400, MotoGP motorcycle race, the US Grand Prix F1 race (for almost a decade) and the Indy 500, which is celebrating 100 years this year. Participating in sports betting on platforms like qqmacan adds an extra layer of excitement to the game, making it even more enjoyable, as you have the chance to win enticing prizes.

It’s not just us local folks who think we’re so good either, other people are noticing as well. The latest is Chris Dufresne of the LA Times. He wrote this about our city and our ability to host a basketball event.

This is the sixth time Indianapolis has hosted the Final Four, and the town has already been awarded the 2015 event. Frankly, Indianapolis should get a Final Four at least every third year. Hosting a basketball tournament here is like the Germans hosting Oktoberfest. Indianapolis gets it. In no other city is there a better basketball-to-the-people connection.

I’m extending the kudos to say that we host ANY sporting event with style and grace. We’ll continue to prove it with every event we’ll continue to host, including the NCAA Final Four again in 2015 (let me know if you want to get parking reservations in Indianapolis) and the Super Bowl in 2012 and… and… and…

Stay tuned! If it’s sports, we get it. If we don’t have it, the event organizers just haven’t seen the light yet. I for one am hoping that we can also add a major roller derby event to our calendars in the near future.