Indianapolis Ranks 44th Among List of Socially Connected Cities


In a recent link shared by Patric Welch of Noobie on Facebook, I discovered that Indianapolis is perhaps not quite as connected as I would have thought compared to other US cities. Indianapolis ranked 44th among Top 100 Socially Networked Cities in the U.S.

Is ranking 44th on the list a surprise to you?

Other cities of note to give you an idea include:

  • Washington, DC – #1
  • Orlando, FL – #7
  • Austin, TX – #8
  • Cincinnati, OH – #11
  • Las Vegas, NV – #25
  • Nashville, TN – #32
  • Los Angeles, CA – #33
  • Chicago, IL – #39
  • New York City, NY – #53

Austin doesn’t surprise me too much as their the home of SXSW every year, perhaps a little lower than I expected. But I guess it shouldn’t count if everyone just connects in your city for a short period of time. With the music industry in Nashville and so many bands and musicians using social media and “networking”, I’d think Nashville would have ranked a little higher than #32.

Our friend Dr. Thomas Ho is doing what he can to further connect the city of Orlando like he did while he was living in Indianapolis, but they’re doing pretty well at #7.

Indianapolis has our tweetups, Smaller Indiana, and of course Blog Indiana. But are they doing what we need? Perhaps you’re asking yourself “Well, how did they measure the cities?” Good question!

It was a combination of determining the amount of people using LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter per capita. Then they also added online advertising traffic from sites like MySpace, Friendster, Reddit and Digg. Is that enough? What better ways could they have used?

Regardless of how they ranked Indianapolis, what do you think we should do to try and improve our position? Should we worry about it at all?