Indy's Own Spiderman Scales Circle Monument


We’ve hit the big time folks. New York City and Gotham don’t have anything we can’t claim to have now. We’ve got a guy in a green body suit that trying to climb all over the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in the middle of the Circle downtown Indianapolis.

The mysterious green man had this to say after he was apprehended by authorities:

"Apparently, this is a war memorial, which I did not know or else I wouldn’t have climbed on it," he said. "That’s very disrespectful, so don’t do that and don’t say I told you to do that."

I have a little bit in common with the green man. No, I don’t wear tights and climb things in public, but I wasn’t aware of all the history and meaning behind the monument. I knew it was a war memorial and monument, but if you click on the link in the first paragraph, there’s a good summary and highlight of the facts behind the monument.

Source: Man In Bodysuit Attempts to Scale Downtown Monument


  1. Steve says:

    haha, I saw some othere weird pics of the green man there

  2. What a crazy guy!

    You can get the Green Man Costume at – just don't climb on too many monuments!