Is It a New Day for the Pacers

You’ve more than likely seen the marketing that’s promoting the new Pacers with a new line-up and hopefully a new direction. For those of you still not sure and longing for the older days of the Indiana Pacers, when Reggie was king and represented the Pacers respectfully during his tenure, even though he was known for being an Oscar-winning flopper if there was a foul close to him.


  1. Good to hear. I'm still part of the I'll-go-if-the-tickets-are-free club until I see some real change off the court, which would include not hearing about them going to any other court than the basketball one.

  2. Thanks to a good friend of mine, I was able to attend the first game tonight. It wasn't a full house, but it was pretty close.

    The owner of the club opened up tonight at the mic and, with careful wording, made sure that everyone in the crowd understood that the Pacers wanted to be a great night of family entertainment.

    I think it's great that the organization recognized that, more than winning, we want a great team that can be respected and looked up to by our kids.

    I may even pay for some tickets next time!