Jeff Dunham and Friends Comes to Conseco Fieldhouse


I found out today that one of my favorite comedians will be making their way to Indianapolis early next year.

It’s Jeff Dunham (Website, Facebook, and MySpace) one of the funniest ventriloquists I know of on the planet. I was able to see him perform at a comedy club in Nashville, TN a number of years back. I’ll never forget how he handled a bit of an audience member that had a bit too much drink and wouldn’t shut-up during his show. At the time he was doing a bit with Walter and in after one of the audience member’s interruptions Walter let this stinger fly out of his lips without missing a beat:

"Three million sperm and that one had to win the race!"

What confuses me though about Jeff Dunham coming to Indianapolis is that he’ll be doing a show at Conseco Fieldhouse. Now, I’m not real sure, but I believe I could probably pull off being a darn good ventriloquist for the people in attendance sitting in any of the red, yellow or blue sections below don’t you?


I’m not sure if he’s going to sell out the Fieldhouse, but I’ve got to think he’d probably sell out the Murat a couple of nights in a row don’t you think? Or perhaps a show at the Murat and a couple of other shows at other comedy clubs in the area?