Let’s Put Solar Roadways in Indianapolis

I just saw video of a guy that’s invented a solar panel that’s tough enough to be driven on. The entire reason is to replace stupid, heavy asphault with smart roadways that harness that power from the sun and use it to power our neighborhoods. Imagine a parking lot that soaked up the rays of the sun all day to serve as a giant recharge station for all these new electric cars that are going to be hitting the roadways.

Imagine how neat it would be to have a few streets of these new solar roadways installed around the city in time for the Super Bowl in 2012. Take a look at this video and the Solar Roadways website and let me know what you think. Should Indianapolis be a test environment for this new transportation technology?


  1. Scott, just had an idea. How much power could someone obtain by paving their driveway with these panels? Perhaps the home market would be an attention grabber and support initiative for marketing and promotion of the idea?

  2. Thank you for your enthusiasm and support Jason. We’ve entered our Solar Roadways project in GE’s Ecomagination Challenge: http://challenge.ecomagination.com/home/Solar-Roa

    We could use the votes of your readers.

    Thanks again,

    Scott – Solar Roadways Incorporated