Officer Jones Tell 'Em What They've Won


I read a story today on about the prices for speeding tickets not being printed on tickets anymore. Or at least not for awhile.

I guess the problem is that ticket prices are changing or something and we can’t expect officers to know what the ticket price should be. Are you serious?

If they get confused, can’t they just call dispatch and be reminded?

It’s part of a new policy crafted by safety court Judge William Young, whose staff told Call 6 on Wednesday that the new guidelines are intended to accommodate changing ticket prices.

I wonder if I get a speeding ticket if they’ll let me take a few months to figure out what I’m able to pay on the ticket before they hear from me.

It reminds me of a story of a friend who got a traffic ticket from an intersection camera that took a picture of him running a red light or something. When he got the ticket in the mail he wrote a check for the payment on the ticket, photo-copied it and then sent the photocopy of the check in the ticket payment envelope.

Kind of a tit-for-tat on sending a picture of the payment since they only sent a picture of the offense itself.