Peyton Manning No Longer With the Colts… Hmmm?

Peyton Manning on the SidelinesMy friend Ryan sent me an email last night asking me if I was going to be okay with the announcement that Peyton Manning would more than likely be released from the Colts today. There is a press conference scheduled for today at noon.

After a few discussions with people in the office this little conspiracy theory just popped up in my head.

What if the Colts release Manning today merely to avoid the required $28M bonus payment due to him on Friday. It’s my understanding that would make him a free agent and available to sign for any team he wanted to (that will afford him).

But, what if Peyton still wants to be a Colt and remain loyal to Indianapolis and the city and retire with the team he helped make great. He’s been tremendous for this city and fans of the Colts. What if, instead, he resigns with the Colts with a new contract that works in some kind of give and take for the $28M he just “lost”, but stays with the team in a fashion that works for him, Irsay, the Colts, the city and even Andrew Luck?

What do you think? Possibility? Or am I just Positively Dreaming?!