Reggie Miller vs. The New York Knicks

I’m not originally from Indianapolis or Indiana for that matter. Growing up I really didn’t like sports that much and when I did, it was because of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. As I expanded to watch more basketball when the Bull’s weren’t playing, my connections to Indianapolis caused me to pay attention to the Indiana Pacers for obvious reasons.

I never really cheered for the Pacers, until I moved here, but I was a fan of the talent and leadership of Reggie Miller while he was on the court.

There’s a new ESPN Films production coming out that you can see this evening at Conseco Fieldhouse that highlights and chronicles the story of the Hicks vs. the Knicks through the years. It was always an epic battle between the teams.

This video provides a glimpse to what you can expect

Hat tip to Breena Fain at the Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Association for sharing this post on the blog.