Ripken Baseball Inc. Sees Indianapolis as #1 Midwest Choice

A recent article in the IBJ discussed the potential of Ripken Baseball, Inc. looking to expand and having their sights set on Indianapolis as their #1 choice for a Midwest location.

“Because Indianapolis is centrally located and there are a lot of people within a day’s drive, we think we could extend the season to have more weekend tournaments during the spring and fall months,” Arnold said.  “Indianapolis is definitely a market we want to be in if we can find the right partner. We’re going to have a Midwest facility, and Indianapolis is our No. 1 choice.”

My son’s favorite sport is baseball, so having a world-class organization open a quality facility like ones they already operate in Maryland and South Carolina would be terrific.

With all of the other sports that have strong support and involvement in the Indianapolis area, adding amateur baseball at the youth, high school and college level would be a great addition to the community.

What do you think? Where would you put it in the area?