Just Some QB That I Used to Know

Just when the pain started to turn into being numb about the whole situation, they go and make a parody video like this! It’s just not fair man!

Peyton Manning No Longer With the Colts… Hmmm?

My friend Ryan sent me an email last night asking me if I was going to be okay with the announcement that Peyton Manning would more than likely be released from the Colts today. There is a press conference scheduled for today at noon. After a few discussions with people in the office this little […]

Is Peyton Place a Thing of the Past?

As anyone else in Indianapolis, I’ve been having numerous conversations with people on the future of the Colts and whether or not Peyton Manning will be a part of that future. Most of my thoughts over this past season hasn’t been questioning when Peyton will be back, but if  he’ll be back. I would hate […]