Planning for Efficiency in the Workplace

For owners of small businesses one of the most common concerns is whether they are operating their company in the most efficient way possible. Larger businesses can often afford some areas to be suboptimal when it comes to efficiency, but for small enterprises every process needs to be finely tuned to maintain the required level […]

Setting out on your own: a guide for first time entrepreneurs

It can be a scary yet exciting time when a person decides to set up a business. No more guaranteed income, no support from colleagues and the bearing of a huge responsibility. Yet there are advantages too that cannot be ignored: flexibility, having no one to answer to, and huge satisfaction when money begins to […]

The Roux Way

Many of you may be familiar with Papa Roux. It’s an east side cajun restaurant at 10th and Post Road operated by the “Papa”, Arthur, and the “Mama”, Colleen, and whole Croux of other great employees. You may have tasted his tremendous poboy sandwiches made with fresh seafood from Zirlott’s Gulf Products when they’re available. […]

The Business Unemployment and Tax Vicious Cycle

I just read an article on The Indy Channel website about the new Jobless Bill recently passed in the Indiana legislature and signed by Gov. Mitch Daniels. In the new bill, businesses tax rate on their unemployment costs will increase, while the benefits received by the unemployed won’t be reduced at all. The example shared […]