Indianapolis: A City of Opportunity

Indianapolis really is one of the few true cities of opportunity left in the United States, especially in the Midwest. Thanks to its diversified and growing economy, the city has risen to be one of the continually thriving urban areas in the country. An aptly sized metropolis with small town values, Indianapolis welcomes those looking […]

Thanks to Dad For Bringing Us To Indianapolis

It was the spring of 1988 and I was a junior, preparing for a great senior year at George Washington High School in Denver, CO. I had hair, played on the basketball team, and was about to be a senior.  Life was good. Then, one day my dad came home from work and informed the […]

The Winner of Social Media Bowl II

I’ll say that the first Social Media Bowl in coordination with the Super Bowl took place in Dallas for last year’s event. Indianapolis definitely upped the ante in that department with all of their efforts and the help of the #Social46 team. I believe we won, don’t you? Here’s an infographic that ExactTarget put together […]

Blogging in Indianapolis… sign-up!

If you’re in Indianapolis and you’re writing a blog. You should mosey on over and become an active member of the Indianapolis Bloggers community. These guys have been around for awhile, but are currently going through a little bit of a phoenix-from-the-ashes activity and reactivating and rebranding their efforts. If you haven’t already signed-up, go […]

Celebrating the Holidays in Indianapolis

Today we have a guest post by another long-time Indianapolis resident, Paula Henry. Paula is a local realtor who has great memories of Indianapolis. I remember the first time I saw Soldiers and Sailors Monument lighted at Christmas in downtown Indianapolis. The ten year old child never forgot the beauty of seeing so many lights […]