Time Lapse and Other Video of Indy by Paul D’Andrea

I shared a link earlier of some of the photos local photographer, Paul D’Andrea, had taken over the last few days of Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis. Just noticed some of his videos he’s put together and here’s one of them. Everytime I see Paul’s work I’m more impressed. I’ll let you decide for yourself […]

Marci Ralph Photography

I just stumbled across another local photographer that does some amazing work! I’ve been working on a website for my cousin and he sent me the link to this website. The work is fantastic, I’ve got to remember these places when my kids are old enough and I need to start worrying about senior pictures. […]

Great Indianapolis Photos on flickr

Isn’t that a great photo? I love photography with unique perspectives or viewpoints that make you see things in a completely different way than you normally would otherwise. Are you looking for some great photos of Indianapolis? Are you a photographer and would like to share your photos of Indianapolis with others? There’s an I […]