Some Positive Actions at Westfield High School

Somebody is being kind of sneaky at Westfield High School. But this time, it’s in a good way. An individual has setup a Twitter account @_WHScompliments and they are anonymously leaving comments for their classmates, teachers and staff. As their Twitter bio states, “Just a student with some compliments. Positivity is power.” I love it! […]

Will There Be An Indy 500 Social Media Command Center

One of the biggest months of the year is coming up in Indianapolis. It’s time for the Indy 500 which is going to have events throughout May happening in the city. I’m wondering if anyone with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway or IndyCar is going to step up to the plate and have a social media […]

The Winner of Social Media Bowl II

I’ll say that the first Social Media Bowl in coordination with the Super Bowl took place in Dallas for last year’s event. Indianapolis definitely upped the ante in that department with all of their efforts and the help of the #Social46 team. I believe we won, don’t you? Here’s an infographic that ExactTarget put together […]

Indianapolis Ranks 44th Among List of Socially Connected Cities

In a recent link shared by Patric Welch of Noobie on Facebook, I discovered that Indianapolis is perhaps not quite as connected as I would have thought compared to other US cities. Indianapolis ranked 44th among Top 100 Socially Networked Cities in the U.S. Is ranking 44th on the list a surprise to you? Other […]

Church Brothers Driving Indianapolis Business with Social Media

I had a great experience a couple of weeks ago with Church Brothers Collision Repair. I had seen that they were on twitter and sent them a quick message asking if they repaired broken seatbelt retractors. They responded that they did so I let them know I would plan on coming into their downtown location […]