Will There Be An Indy 500 Social Media Command Center

One of the biggest months of the year is coming up in Indianapolis. It’s time for the Indy 500 which is going to have events throughout May happening in the city. I’m wondering if anyone with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway or IndyCar is going to step up to the plate and have a social media […]

Re-Live Super Bowl XLVI in 90 Seconds

Don’t blink! You’ll miss something. That’s kind of what it feels like here in Indianapolis this week. All the anticipation. It’s finally here. Things are going great. The weather is fantastic. Game day. GIANTS WIN! It was a great time Indy and you showed up and delivered an amazing event. Here’s a 90 second video […]

Time Lapse and Other Video of Indy by Paul D’Andrea

I shared a link earlier of some of the photos local photographer, Paul D’Andrea, had taken over the last few days of Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis. Just noticed some of his videos he’s put together and here’s one of them. Everytime I see Paul’s work I’m more impressed. I’ll let you decide for yourself […]

The Winner of Social Media Bowl II

I’ll say that the first Social Media Bowl in coordination with the Super Bowl took place in Dallas for last year’s event. Indianapolis definitely upped the ante in that department with all of their efforts and the help of the #Social46 team. I believe we won, don’t you? Here’s an infographic that ExactTarget put together […]