Some Positive Actions at Westfield High School

Somebody is being kind of sneaky at Westfield High School. But this time, it’s in a good way. An individual has setup a Twitter account @_WHScompliments and they are anonymously leaving comments for their classmates, teachers and staff. As their Twitter bio states, “Just a student with some compliments. Positivity is power.” I love it! […]

Were You There? Indianapolis Colts Fan Cam 360 Degree Taggable Image

Roger Bishop just shared something that I think is very cool from the Indianapolis Colts. During last week’s final regular season game against the Tennessee Titans, they took a 360° giga-pixel (5 billion pixel image to be exact) image of the fans at Lucas Oil Stadium. Photo Credit: Fan Cam As you can kind […]

Church Brothers Driving Indianapolis Business with Social Media

I had a great experience a couple of weeks ago with Church Brothers Collision Repair. I had seen that they were on twitter and sent them a quick message asking if they repaired broken seatbelt retractors. They responded that they did so I let them know I would plan on coming into their downtown location […]

Red Bull Wakeboards on the Canal

Wakeboarding on the Indy canal? Ummm, it’s shallow and not big enough for a boat right? You’re right, but that doesn’t stop JD Webb, Brian Grubb and the rest of the Red Bull team from making it happen. Not only is it cool to see, but the quality of the video production is also very […]

Indianapolis Gets Season Finale Extreme Home Makeover

One of the posts that continues to get ongoing traffic on the I Choose Indy site is the one about Extreme Home Makeover coming to Indy. There’s now confirmation of a little bit more of the details and they sound good. The has announced that Estridge has been chosen as the builder behind the […]