Top 5 Nursing Career Opportunities

Indianapolis has quite a vibrant medical community with a number of large hospitals and life-sciences organizations with headquarters and business activity in our region. With so much opportunity at the epicenter of our community, the availability of nursing jobs for those interested in getting into the healthcare field is an attractive option. Today we have a guest post available that talks about the different career paths that are available for nursing candidates.

Analysts expect the United States to be short approximately 800,000 nurses by the year 2020. The drive behind the demand for qualified nurses is an aging population living longer and needing more health care services than ever before. These are five of the fastest growing nurse specialties on the job market today.

1. Elder Home Health Care

Some seniors may need part time health care to help them get through the week. Nurses who work in this field usually visit each patient three times a week to make sure the patient is taking the proper medications and to monitor their health. The nurses allow these patients to receive the care they need without moving to assisted care centers. The purpose of an elder home health care nurse is to help seniors maintain a better quality of life for a longer period.

2. Pediatric Home Health Care

These nurses work with children under the age of three. The nurse will visit the home as frequently as necessary to help parents learn to manage special needs children or children who need extra medical attention. The nurse will keep track of the child’s progression over a period. The nurse can also make recommendations for the type of care the child should receive in order to continue advancing the child’s health outlook.

3. Critical Care

There are several types of nursing jobs related to critical care. You could work in a hospital emergency room or in a critical care clinic helping patients who need immediate attention. Some critical care nurses work with EMT crews and help transport patients to the hospital. If you prefer to work with the elderly, there are nurses who help transport older individuals as they move from a hospital or home into an assisted living facility.

4. Blood Donation Work

Nurses who staff blood donation facilities spend their days collecting blood and plasma that used by local hospitals to help save lives through transfusions. These nurses are especially in demand when there has been a natural disaster or a large accident and a great many need blood transfusions. Blood donation nurses have a chance to reach out to the community as they organize and participate in special blood drives affiliated with local schools, libraries, and companies. The main job of a blood donation nurse is to oversee the donation process so that it is always safe and efficient.

5. Entertainment Venues

Public attractions, such as amusement parks and national parks, require the services of a staff nurse to treat anyone who becomes ill or injured while visiting the park. These nurses deal with a wide range of problems, but the problems are usually not life threatening. Depending on what kind of entertainment venue you choose to work for, you could enjoy beautiful scenery or special access to celebrities. Working in an entertainment venue means that your daily regimen varies depending on the specifics of the venue.



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