Two Indianapolis Guys Set Red Kettle Bell Ringing World Record

I’m proud to say I know Leilan McNally (a.k.a. @BgKahuna) and should get to know Caleb Stokes (a.k.a. @CS_Indy). These two guys have just set a World Record for standing and ringing a bell for Salvation Army’s Red Kettle campaign. The two of them, along with another guy in Illinois lasted for more than 60 hours with no sleep, no food and not sitting. The previous record was 36 hours.

Here’s a video of Leilan and Caleb shot as they were in their 46th hour of the competition.


You can look back at their efforst, along with other participants by using the Twitter hashtag #RingItOn.

Way to go guys! You make me proud to be a Hoosier!

News Coverage on Fox59: Salvation Army bell ringers attempt to break world record