Will There Be An Indy 500 Social Media Command Center

Superbowl XLVI Social Media Command Center - AroundIndy.com

One of the biggest months of the year is coming up in Indianapolis. It’s time for the Indy 500 which is going to have events throughout May happening in the city. I’m wondering if anyone with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway or IndyCar is going to step up to the plate and have a social media command center like that which was available for Super Bowl XLVI.

I think it was pretty well proven how effective and useful a resource like that can be for a large event with lots of attendees.

I believe setting up a permanent command center that could be used for a variety of events would be a good move for the city. Perhaps it could be run by a not-for-profit organization that would be in charge of organizing the staffing, obtaining the resources and managing the space for future events.

What if, as part of any large convention that came to town, the city had this offering of setting up a command center to monitor the social media airwaves and Internet to handle questions, disseminate information and promote the event and the city? Sounds to me like a great plan! Who’s in?

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