About Positively Indy

jason-bean-2008 After writing about Indianapolis on a few different websites over the last few years, I’ve decided that it was time to write about this great city on my own site. I don’t think I would consider myself a control-freak, but I’m liking the idea of having complete editorial control over what I’m writing and what I’ll publish. Let’s hope you do as well.

The goal of this site is to highlight many of the great things that this city has to offer for those individuals that want to live here or just visit when the time presents itself.

I’ll talk about current events and other news items that take place in the city, but for the most part it will be my look and spin on what’s happening around me as I call Indianapolis home.

I’m not saying I’ll never write about the darker side or perhaps some areas where the city could use some improvement, but I’m not going to dwell on those items hopefully. There’s far too much great stuff to talk about than to waste a significant amount of time talking about anything else.