An Update on the Papa Roux and Jhaquiel Story

Whew! It’s been a whirlwind of a week for Papa, Jhaquiel and the rest of the Roux Croux. This story definite tripped the viral meter and has been heard all over the nation as well as internationally from places like Adelaide, Australia, the Ukraine, South Korea, Russia, Canada, the Philipines and plenty of other places. […]

Thanks to Dad For Bringing Us To Indianapolis

It was the spring of 1988 and I was a junior, preparing for a great senior year at George Washington High School in Denver, CO. I had hair, played on the basketball team, and was about to be a senior.  Life was good. Then, one day my dad came home from work and informed the […]

Affectation Fashion Line from Stikeleather Apparel

This is a very cool concept in fashion and it’s coming from right here in Indianapolis… Zionsville to be exact. I recently came across Ian Stikeleather and helped him with a few tasks as he launches this new fashion line that uses magnetic clasps and closures to enable quick customization and variations to your clothing […]

Peyton Manning No Longer With the Colts… Hmmm?

My friend Ryan sent me an email last night asking me if I was going to be okay with the announcement that Peyton Manning would more than likely be released from the Colts today. There is a press conference scheduled for today at noon. After a few discussions with people in the office this little […]


So, I realize this is kind of an unpopular position right now what with everybody in love with their products, but I’ve got a confession to make – I hate Apple Computer. I’ve hated everything Apple since high school. But I might, MAYBE, be considering a MINOR change of heart. Here’s the deal. Back in […]