Indy Mayor’s Action Line


Do you have a complaint about something that you need someone with a little bit more clout than you can muster.

This time of year the thing that we seem to be finding more of is pot holes and you can visit the Indy Mayor’s Action Line and report a pothole.

You can report more here as well by using their online form. Submit complaints related to road kill, graffiti, illegal signs, weeds, brush removal and more.

NOTE: Only leaving a comment on this post, although appreciated, is no guarantee anyone from the mayor’s office will see it.


  1. Any area of Indy is dangerous, if we, as a community allow others to control where we live, where we shop, where we work, who we know,
    and most of all, who we love!!

  2. Michael S. says:

    Ha! When Ballard was in office, I had no trouble getting anything done around our neiborhood. Now that we have a new mayor, things must have relaxed at the MAC. Now people behind me have a junk yard and repair buisiness. There are car parts, trash, high grass, many junk cars and temporary awnings everywhere so they can work on thier cars. This alleyway otherwise is clean and we’ll taken care of. Lived with this for over two years. Call constantly but keep getting the run around. If this is legal and you can’t do anything, why don’t you just say so. I have lived here twenty plus years and I can’t even sell becouse of the beautifull salvage yard I get to look at when I look out my back door. Thanks for all the good help!!!………probably no responces on here either.

  3. I just want to know WHERE in Indianapolis to take my empty glass soda bottles for recycling.

    Recycling in Indiana is like pulling teeth.

  4. concerned neighbor says:

    i live near Foltz St. and Gadsden St. they is 4 bus stops 2 before and 2 after school here and maybe 6 out of 10 cars will slow down for stop sing most dont even slow down or stop for it even with lot of kids playing out side now it has warm up i have seen many time times when a patrol car is VERY NEAR by and they wont do any thing about run stop sing i even had someone try to steal my daughter car with my wife in it and when i call police 3 cars came out but when i told then what the person look like and where they went they lest after say it was kids and a joke steal a car with some one in it is never a joke i have sent messages more then once but no one seem to want to do anything about it like it still a big joke even know this is Marshill its no joke how cops act around here my next step is to call FOX 59 news and see how that works

  5. Charlene VanSlyke says:

    I tried to make a request using the Mayor’s Action hotline. Filled everything out. It said to press enter when completed.
    I did and the site would not continue from that point. All the effort and time for naught.

  6. Dorothy Dixon says:

    I called to report that my trash container needed to be replaced. The lady who answered was very business like in her demeanor. she gave concise directions about what I should do. In less than one week I had a new one. It is important to me. The containers keep rodents away. Sitting bags on the ground presents so many problems. I would like to thank her. I don’t know her name. I’m sure this applies to many of the people who do this job. Thank You

  7. E. Hughes says:

    Why are there no turn arrows at 79th and Georgetown Rds? This is a heavily traveled intersection! There are arrows for 79th and Payne which has a quarter of the traffic!

  8. Jennifer Ulery says:

    For 2 years now I’ve been driving home from Methodist hospital going south (duh… one way) and almost being killed by the idiots that don’t feel they need to turn right from the TURN ONLY LANE at the intersection with Washington just past the state house. This is dangerous and I think either 2 things need to happen:
    1) police should actually monitor and ticket those who ignore the street signs thereby putting those of us who can follow the rules in danger or
    2) block the far right hand lane off with a planter box or use a work horse so I can safely merge into that lane once I pass the Washington intersection.

  9. Ol'ga says:

    Could anybody authorized could pick up dead animal body on I-465 S near to the Keystone exit ?
    I cannot see how could possible animal walk into the road when there are concrete walls on each side.
    Did somebody throw this poor thing out of vehicle ?! So sad ! So bad ! I would suggest to have it scan for microchip please !!

    Thank you

    • Animals cross the road, sometimes they complete, sometimes not.
      At 2:12 PM, if I had braked to avoid the animal, we could have a “possibility” of multiple car pileups on I-464 causing not only a financial
      loss, but also the loss of human lives, you decide what is the most important, to you!
      I travel a lot, often see animals, in 1991, I ran over a deer carcass
      on Indiana, US 131 South, bent my rear axle, tires were flat within
      5 miles, due to the bent axle.
      The mechanic in Rochester Indiana who replaced my axle spent about 30 minutes removing deer meat from my axle.
      I made him an offer for cheap meat, LOL
      Actually, he went to his “friends”.
      Happy to say, I was back on the road, with a “new” rear axle within
      16 hours.
      I went to “Paradise Plaza” to wait., awesome food, HUDGE truck stop,
      Saw some “local” lady get arrested because she didn’t like the food after she ate 3/4 of it.
      She asked for the manager, she said to the manager, ‘Do you know who I am?
      The manager said yes, you are a customer in my restaurant.
      She said she will not pay, the food was horrible, do you know who I am?
      The manager called the police, here is the best!
      The cop walked in, called her by name and said “Hi, do you want to pay your bill, or go to jail?, I know who are, you ate you pay.

  10. my neighbors and I are tired of getting the runaround about two vehicles parked the wrong way on our street The big red suburban hasn’t moved in a month .It’s parked on the wrong side of the street and has a flat tire. If they could just move it to the back alley,their friends would have room to park and not park the wrong way in front of my home. Every other car around this area is parked on the wrong side of the street. I know the police have their hands full of more important things than this. The wrong doers are just confused about what is right and left,wrong.

    • It is illegal to park on the wrong way of the street, call the local wrecker-tow service, sure they can help you, they love such an easy tow.

  11. Melissa says:

    My family has been through hell in the last 2 years due to “slumlords”. There is no protection for tenants here in Indiana. My family has been displaced due to not 1, but 2 houses now that have a severe issue with mold and water. Our first house, the health department said so many repairs needed done due to mold (which we discovered due to illnesses), and ended up having to move out in 10 days. Needless to say, getting our deposit back took time and no moving expenses paid to us. Then again!! Yes, again, we have moved into a house where within a 2 weeks, we were getting the same symptoms. Come to find out the crawl space was full of water and mold again in the house. Health Dept. has done all they can do. Now we have had to sue our landlord due to retaliatory eviction. He is evicting us because we called the health dept on him!! Yes Indiana, watch out for these slumlords. This needs to change for your Indianapolis residents. There is no protection for us.

    • Perfect case for “JUDGE JUDY”, they are looking to sue, anyone.
      If they had the income, credit, criminal check, no problem.

  12. Jean Hughes says:

    I very much want to recycle my plastic’s. We use a lot of bottled water. There use to be a recycle bin in the parking lot of Kroger on Thompson in Beech Grove. Can you please advise me of where I could find a plastic recycle bin. I hate throwing them in the regular trash. Thank you

  13. tom stoner says:

    I was wondering where do they keep the tamp that I always see them using on the news when the camera is on them? It always looks brand new!

  14. Brenda Starks says:

    Can someone please help me. I just need to know who do I contact to report a street that needs to be repaved. Any assistance given will be deeply appreciated.

  15. TRAVIS YATES says:

    We have been promiest our street will be fixed for 5 years the come out and put black top patch in mud holes that is the dumbest thing i haver saw. Now the street is just abig mud path. I guess i will have to get the media to look at it. 9100 w. raymond st. 46231 is the big mud hole. you dont put black top patch in mud holes this street needs loads of gravel.

  16. Concerned Resident says:

    Is there anything that can be done to 38th Street from Binford to Mass Ave. The streets have been filled the last 3 years and this is not fixing the problem. I would think with it being a high crime area that due to police chases on the street you would have repaved the street as it is tearing up even more tax payer money. I don’t understand how poor income areas should have to mess their cars up because they are not in a richer area. Just not right actually pretty ridiculous.

    • I agree with you, and the repair to police and fire vehicles is a very good point that should get every taxpayer’s attention!

      I wonder what our vehicle repair budget is for Marion County, and if they worry about the budget like private sector has to?

      Spend a little more tax dollars at home.

  17. jim D dishman says:

    I live at 9329 Sargent rd. the pot holes are getting worse. maybe someone could come out and put something in them, like cold patch or something of that nature.

  18. Bob James says:

    we are a family of five who have been stranded on 465 N for over seven hours. No salt truck
    no relief. Thank goodness the temperature was warmer than yesterday. The lack of responses to our need is inexcusable.
    465 South is moving like normal.

  19. I live in the Bayswater addition just outside of the 465 loop off of 46th Street. Myself and several other neighbors have complained to Bayswater Management about the lack of upkeep on a home in our neighborhood. The property is 5110 Stanhope lane, Indianapolis 46254. This homeowner has not mowed his yard all year, the bushes are overgrown and overtaking the house, and their are weeds growing in the driveway over a foot tall. Bayswater Management has advised they would notify the Owner but also recommended turning this property owner into the Mayors Action Line. Please advise what could be done to make this property owner comply to any City Ordinances involving property upkeep. Thanks

  20. Trash pick up is a joke.. 3100 block of Thayer Street 46222 is missed more often than not. Hire people not afraid to work.

  21. Kathryn Schaad says:

    My husband and I walk everyday…we are trying to help Indianapolis become healthy!! We are in our 70’s and live off Sherman between Thompson and Hanna on the south side of Indianapolis. There are no sidewalks on Sherman, Thompson, Redfern, Carson and many other streets. It is difficult for the traffic to get by as the greenery is also not trimmed and extends into the streets. I fear that a car will not see us and will end our days of trying to live a good life!! Bus riders suffer the same problem. I’m sure nothing can be done but thank you for letting me express my concern.

  22. David Christian says:

    After the storm hit about a week ago, we went without power for over 4 days. Then I was told by a friend that we were to put the brush and limbs from the storm damage out by the curb. I spent nearly 2 days doing clean up.The debris is still sitting by the curb. I called the mayor’s action line and was told that they didn’t know about the debris because I didn’t call by last Friday, so I wasn’t on the list to have it picked up.What list????? There is debris everywhere up and down these streets. This is how the city takes care of their taxpayers.

  23. Lavon Hazard says:

    I just recently moved back to Indianapolis from Dallas, TX and back into my home in Eagle Highland which is located between 38th and 46th Streets west of 465. I have notice that the whole area has changed and is not being called the West side ghetto. I am stunned at what I have seen since my last 2 weeks of being back. Businesses closed up, street have wholes all in them and in my housing addition, I have had unwelcomed visitors at knocking at my door at different hours of the night.

    There are very little street light in the area to deter any criminal activities; over grown bushes/weeds on INLAND Drive going to my house. I have to drive around then and into the oncoming traffic in order for them not to scatch my car…and then almost having an accident to miss them altogether. WE NEED HELP over here. Why is the focus now only on the “more affluent” area’s such as downtown and the Broad Ripple area? We have an new Pike School that was just built in the last year, and they have lighting at the school, but venture south of there (46th Street/Inland) you will not see many street lights. Mind you that these children will be getting on school buses early in the AM and there is very little lighting….well that is not good!

    Also, my home has been broken into a couple of time and I want to have better lighting to deter criminals from breaking in.

    What is going to be done about this? This is the 3rd time I have contacted your office and have not received any type of confirmation that these requests have been entered. How long does it take someone to get back to you? How long will it take to get some Action? Is this due to Pence being on the campaign trail for the Presidency?

  24. Thatcher Pool needs some repair. The heater is said to be broken and the showers are need of cleaning. Thatcher Pool on Vermont is a great place to spend time with your family.

  25. Mary gilmartin says:

    We have had trouble on heavy trash pick up day. We have friends whose heavy items sat for over a week and they finally had to take it in. We are putting a grill out this week which is our designated week (Wednesday). Just wanted to advise you.

  26. ROB WAGNER says:


  27. Roger Gorge says:

    I 69 exit of to 82nd street, major pot hole on center lane, car is one month old, hit that hole, blew that tire in an instant, pulled over to side to change tire, listened and watched that pothole destroy tire after tire. Cannot be fixed, must be replaced because it is sidewall damage.

  28. KELLIE GLASS says:


  29. DEAN PETERSON says:

    Pot holes in front of properties 8742, 8743, 8802, and 8808
    Frontenac Rd. (east side off Post Rd.) At least 3 dozen in
    various groups. This is not the first time it has been so bad.

  30. Richard says:

    I had a sleep study done at com. hosp. east, they sent me a questionnaire with out the c in my last name as the police told them about my past which is a law which causes trouble by the police and the company whom were told by the police, so before I had my sleep study, I wrote to them sending in 2 parts the answers to their question and got them back as attempted not known, on the 2nd I just got back today as “VACANT”

    • Janice Louden says:

      I would like to know when DOT is going to put stripes down the center of East 10th St., it has been paved but not striped. it is hard to see where the lane is at night. This is dangerous, it has been that way for at least three to four months. I would like to know why we can’t get Hawthorne Lane paved between E. 10th street and Ellenberger Park. This road is deteriate get and every street around us is paved. This is a main thoroughfare to the park, so please let me know if this can be done we try to keep out properties manicured and our houses repaired but the street is a mess.

  31. Jack Howey says:

    Large dead tree in 700 block of E. 80th St. needs to come down before it falls on a car.

    Also, 2000 block of E. 80th Street, large hole at edge of street made avoiding downed tree, also edge of street destroyed.

  32. Sandra wade says:

    W 56th st from Lafayette rd to Potters pike going east and west have many large potholes again. I thought these were to be fixed.

  33. Sherry, as someone that lives on the south side I too have been caught behind the train at Harding. The whole stretch of road from that train track to south of I-465 needs to be reworked. The traffic there is ridiculous. Be sure to share your comments using the actual Mayor's Action Line.

  34. Sherry Johnson says:

    This morning,at 6:55am, with all of the snow and ice and bad traffic, IPL brings a train crawling across the tracks, finally coming to a complete halt. We sat there over 25 min. and then when it did finally get across Harding Street, it stopped before it got far enough for the arms to raise. A few of us went around the arms, but alot did not. Traffice had to have been backed up way south of 465. Isn't there some kind of law or regulation about bringing in trains during rush hour? And not only was it rush hour, but the roads were in terrible shape due to the snow we got overnight.

  35. Although I'd love to think that Mayor Ballard or someone on his team is reading my site, I'm fairly certain if they are they're not going to be taking the comments and submitting the issues to the action line directly. If you want to report your issues or concerns, please be sure to call the action line and not just leave your comment here and waiting for action to take place from the Mayor.

  36. sue scrogham says:

    please repair 2 pot holes at 1522 n. mitchner ave.

  37. Elyssa says:

    Recently my street was paved and to my HORROR! The workers not only left their trash in my yard but also broke off a large branch from a tree by the sidewalk(it was the size of a small tree) and proceeded to drag it into my driveway. (my neighbor witnessing it, I was not at home)They also left this huge pile of street asphalt and debris on the sidewalk!!! I have contacted the Mayors help line lets see what they do! I don't have much faith in our city anymore!

  38. keith muhammad says:

    house broken into wed jul 1 police said a detective would be here @ 3510 orchard ave no dect.yet now if it was 46 and meridian or spring mill rd the damn dect wouldl have been there so why you dont treat so why dont you treat poor black people the same as white folk who dont live in fountain square we aint got the complexion for the connection

    • always whining discrimination says:

      What a racist comment mr Muhammad. “white folk” have made smart decisions in their lives to be able to afford living in nicer neighborhoods. Getting an education instead of living off welfare would be a start. The police do not discriminate against anyone who calls for assistance. You need to get off your attitude. Watch who you associate with, maybe your house wouldn’t be broke into

  39. Jerry Weitzel says:

    I am writing to complain about the pot holes that are in need of repair along east 9th street from emerson ave west to bosart.

    thank you.

  40. Adam, due to the sensitive nature of your comment I edited out most of the details. I would encourage you just keep contacting the appropriate departments for your need. I'm not much help more than that for your situation.

  41. i was hoping you can help me….

  42. An auto responder would be nice as it would confirm that it has at least went through. As far as seeing it/reading it, I question if email is a good way to get in touch with anyone in city government (from personal experience). Phone seems to be their preference.

  43. Hey Shotgunner. I haven't had a need to use the website yet. Just found out about it. I don't need any extra work. I've become irritated with auto-responders. I've found it doesn't confirm anyone's seen it, just that the email processing function is working.

    Has anyone else out there used the site? What's been your experience?

  44. Hey Beaner, have ever tried this? I did a few weeks and never got a response. And I heard from others that the form was down when they visited.

    Maybe you can get some extra work from them and fix it (it's ASP).

    Nice idea, but they should at least setup an auto response to let you know they did get it.