Happy 2nd Birthday Bean Cup!


I missed an important event tonight with some friends. Today is the 2nd birthday/anniversary of The Bean Cup, one of the best independent coffee shops on the planet.

There’s just something so much better about finding yourself a favorite coffee shop where you can be a regular and make friends that you start seeing over and over again. Plus, knowing you’re helping a small business owner with their American dream instead of making someone else rich in some other part of the country.

You’ve got plenty of options to tease that coffee addiction, but if the java isn’t your thing they’ve also got great Italian sodas, chai tea, smoothies and other stuff. Great light meals and snacks go great with their live music every weekend. Oh, and of course free wi-fi too.

The only time I find myself at a Starbucks these days is if it’s after business hours for The Bean Cup or one of my other regular stops on the independent coffee shop circuit.

So, Happy 2nd Birthday Chris and Jason! Thanks for everything you do and for keeping my tank filled with some of the best coffee and chai tea in town.