Get Authentic Food from Simpson Family Farm


Through the efforts of my wife, our family has been trying to eat healthier and smarter. We’re eating more fresh, organic produce through our bi-monthly deliveries from Farm Fresh Market.

We’re eating more "authentic food", particularly pork and chicken from a good friend of ours that runs his 7th generation family farm, Simpson’s Family Farm.

Our farm is a 7th generation family heirloom in which we take great pride. Settled in 1828, we are now in the process of transitioning this land once again into a sustainable family economy using methods and practices that allow us to produce truly “authentic food”. In 2007, we began in earnest by producing pastured poultry, and in 2008 we added pastured pork to our operation.  In 2009, we offered grass-fed beef for the first time and 2010 has already seen us add a small egg laying flock as well ramp up our poultry and pork quantities to meet the growing demand for our high quality meats.

If you want well-cared for, great tasting poultry, you should visit the Simpson Family Farm website and learn more about how Darby does farming and also find out where you can purchase the fruits of his efforts.

Another positive thing about Indianapolis and the Indianapolis area is the connection with local farmers and what they produce for their customers on their properties. In this consumer driven era, it’s great to do something personal to support and reward those that are still the producers among us.