Indianapolis Colts 2009 Season


The Indianapolis Colts 2009 Season is on the schedule and ready to be enjoyed.

PS1 8/14 7:30pm Minnesota Vikings WTTV4
PS2 8/20 8:00pm Philadelphia Eagles FOX59
PS3 8/29 1:00pm Detroit Lions WTTV4
PS4 9/3 7:30pm Cincinnati Bengals WTTV4
1 9/13 1:00pm Jacksonville Jaguars WISHTV8 – CBS
2 9/21 8:30pm Miami Dolphins ESPN
3 9/27 8:20pm Arizona Cardinals WTHR13 – NBC
4 10/4 1:00pm Seattle Seahawks FOX59
5 10/11 8:20pm Tennessee Titans WTHR13 – NBC
6 10/18 BYE WEEK
7 10/25 1:00pm St. Louis Rams WISHTV8 – CBS
8 11/1 1:00pm San Francisco 49’ers FOX59
9 11/8 1:00pm Houston Texans WISHTV8 – CBS
10 11/15 8:20pm New England Patriots WTHR13 – NBC
11 11/22 1:00pm Baltimore Ravens WISHTV8 – CBS
12 11/29 1:00pm Houston Texans WISHTV8 – CBS
13 12/6 1:00pm Tennessee Titans WISHTV8 – CBS
14 12/13 1:00pm Denver Broncos WISHTV8 – CBS
15 12/17 8:20pm Jacksonville Jaguars NFL
16 12/27 4:15pm New York Jets WISHTV8 – CBS
17 1/3 1:00pm Buffalo Bills WISHTV8 – CBS

Home Games in BOLD

I think it’s a little surprising that we don’t play Pittsburgh at all. That’s too bad. It’s also too bad that all but one of our primetime games are away games. Although Forrest Lucas says the 2009 schedule is great, I’m sure he’d like to see our beautiful new stadium with his name on it on the major networks at night. Some great sky shots with the roof open would be nice wouldn’t they?

With all the issues on the CIB being able to pay to run our large showcase arenas this year, getting them in the limelight would be a big help. It’s also always nice to get more exposure for the city on national television.

Now there’s only one important question left. Who’s got season tickets and are going to invite me to join them for a home game?