Indianapolis Competing with Much Larger Cities

Neon Love Life

I read a good article this evening in the IndyStar about how Indianapolis is really competing with larger cities. This article discussed how we’re continuing to expand entertainment districts and venues available to residents and visitors.

"In some of our fastest-growing industries . . . we’re competing with other cities like Boston and San Diego and Austin, Texas, and Seattle," said Michael Huber, Indianapolis’ deputy mayor for economic development. "We’ve got to make sure we’ve got an increasing number of diverse urban neighborhoods if we’re going to compete for talented, creative younger (workers)."

Good news to hear for businesses and residents. As more and more people see just how great this city is, it becomes more attractive to more investors and companies and people that would like to move here.

I’m not a big “night life” kind of guy, but I understand the value it can have to the city. There’s plenty of other positives to living and visiting Indianapolis as well.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Indianapolis?


  1. Thanks for this nice article about the amazing city we live in. I am stoked about Indianapolis and the all the talent we have here. With Girls Rock Indy, and the rising stars of the musical and visual arts talent, we're sure to put a dent in the map in 2011. And it's only the beginning. The main thing we have to remember is to get out and really support the arts. Vote with your dollars. Support local. We have the opportunity to create our community. And this city has some of the best people in it.