Indianapolis Gets Season Finale Extreme Home Makeover


One of the posts that continues to get ongoing traffic on the I Choose Indy site is the one about Extreme Home Makeover coming to Indy.

There’s now confirmation of a little bit more of the details and they sound good. The has announced that Estridge has been chosen as the builder behind the project. The deserving family will be notified on March 27th.

ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition will be filming the Indianapolis build as their special 2-hour season finale episode.

Estridge has already setup a special section on their website for more information. They’re taking further advantage of the social media scene by allowing you to follow their build on twitter and Facebook as well.


  1. wow,some strong feelings on both sides. regardless, the show is amazing and i seriously like indy.

  2. People should be more positive in nature and work.

  3. As a supplier of granite countertops, marble floors and stone tile showers to the Indianapolis, Indiana market, we would offer to help the deserving family and put aside the differences that could effect the outcome for this family. I also hope this works in a positive manner for Estridge Homes. Although others say that Estridge Homes owes others money, I hope this generates more work and positive cash flow. Remember, without work and a positive cash flow, nobody can pay bills. I think the show is out to help people and I don’t think negative publicity will help anyone in need. I agree with what Jason Bean wrote “There’s no way the producers could ever hope to make everyone happy with their choices”.

  4. There's no way the producers could ever hope to make everyone happy with their choices. I wonder of the "deserving parents" you mention, did any of them apply, or were they submitted by people like yourself to be considered? I also believe part of the problem is to just not be happy for those that are chosen and continue helping and appreciating those families and individuals in your own circle that you think are deserving of more because of their situation as well.

  5. Mitchell says:

    Extreme Home Makeover does not chose the best candidates to help. They are neither heroic or in desperate need of help through no fault of their own. This show used to be a beautiful thing to watch, unfortunately it has became too political. The recent recipient in Indianapolis is a fine example of the show's ability to deceive the public. If you want to see deserving parents take a trip up to Riley Hospital For Children and look at some of the parents of special needs children and cancer survivors.

  6. Lacie is correct. Estridge owes my company so much money we could no longer work for them and we certainly aren't the only ones.

    Remimber CP Morgan chose to do the Home Show home right before they closed the doors.

    Hopefully the contractors still doing work for them don't go under when they do!!!

  7. Shelia says:

    that's whats wrong with out black people always hatin an in people's business. their bills is their business. Just be happy for someone for a change. Haters

  8. Oh….Shutup and let some deserving people get something. Why do people always have something NEGATIVE to say.

  9. Lacie, do you have an article showing that liens are being put on their properties? Are these unsold properties of theirs?

  10. George says:

    Couldn't agree more Lacie!

  11. Lacie says:

    How can Estridge afford to do the Extreme Home Makeover when they can't afford to pay their own bills? Liens are being put on their properties daily.