Five Reasons Your Neighbor Could Sue You

Green Houses MonopolyThe act of dealing with people can be one of the hardest things of your day, especially if you are surrounded by difficult people. While we all know the golden rule, Do unto others as you have them do unto you, however it can sometimes be easier said than done. This can be taken up a notch if you don’t get along with your neighbors. Back in the good old days, June Cleavers were everywhere, delivering fresh baked goodies and keeping good neighborly relations set straight along the block. Fast forward to today, people are working longer hours, barely getting by and definitely not focused on building relationships within their neighborhood. That being said, you may have someone you don’t see eye to eye with, but it is best to proceed with caution and keep to yourself when at all possible, especially if you are not sure how vindictive this neighbor can really be while it is not common, there are instances where your neighbor can sue you (usually in small claims court). This is a headache you want to stay away from, so if you have a neighbor from hell, or maybe you are the neighbor from hell, stay on top of some of the typical reasons a neighbor might sue you over.

  1. Noise – You could be a lover of hard rock, jamming out on your drum set in the garage and driving your neighbor insane, one beat at a time. Noise is probably the number one complaint between neighbors, especially those living in apartment complexes. However, rock n’ roll isn’t the only cause that could send someone complaining. Listening to music and movies too loud or even having a dog that barks a little more than usual can all be a nuisance to your neighbors. So take it down a notch. If it’s your dog you’re trying to keep quiet, you might try a bark collar
  2. Dog Bites – If you have a pet that happens to bite a neighbor, they could have the right to sue you for medical bills and possibly pain and suffering. You might also need to treat the dogs with vet telemedicine. The best course of action is to, one, train your dog only to act when physically threatened and, second, to keep your dog on a leash or maintained properly in your yard to keep this unfortunate act from happening. If this does happen to you, you might want to profusely apologize for the incident and offer to pay before the headache of a lawsuit were to happen. The same can be said for other animals, but these situations are most commonly known to involve dogs.
  3. Property Lines – Some people are very touchy when it comes to their property, especially if you have a tree that is causing a negative effect with their property. For example, you have a big oak tree boarding your property line. However, can I throw tree branches back into my neighbors yard?’ When it happens there are overhanging trees on my property from theirs. If your tree becomes diseased with a large branch breaking off onto their property this could damage a fence, a modern roof from Flowler exteriors, a car. As the owner, you are responsible for keeping up with your landscape so it is not interfering or ruining your neighbors property. Word to the wise, maintain your landscape!
  4. Water Damage – Say you have planned the vacation of a lifetime, skiing the slopes in Vail. While you’ve been enjoying your time with family, there was a sudden cold snap and you forgot to winterize your sprinkler system. Not only have your pipes burst, water is now flooding yours and your neighbors property. This can and has happened, as well as even leaving sprinklers on too long or altering your landscape in a way that causes the water drainage to runoff into your neighbors yard. All scenarios that could cause damage and a reason for your neighbor to take you to court. Take precaution with your property and how it could affect your neighbor.
  5. Harassment – You are frustrated beyond means with your neighbor’s unruly child, dog or maybe it is even your neighbor himself. Keep your snide digs to yourself. If you threaten, harass, or say anything that could cause them grief or mental anguish you could find yourself in a neighborly dispute that could arise to a lawsuit. Best course of action is to try and work out the underlying issues, and/or just respect each other’s privacy and keep to yourselves.

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  1. Janet L Thompson says:

    I have a neighbor no matter what time of day when my one dog is outside and the rest are in the house she comes out in her yard and stands there doesn’t say anything to my dog which she is 14 cant hear too good video tapes her when she notice her thenshe starts barking her at which makes my dogs in the house start barking she then calls animal control what are my rights with this ALSO we do not let our dogs out without someone being outside with them

  2. Michael says:

    I have an Issue with Neighbors across the street, a nearby healthcare facility recently banned its employees from smoking on any property including parking lots, and on public sidewalks bordering the facility, my b=neighbor across the street now allows many of these people to smoke at all shifts every day of the week and weekends on her front lawn, the smoke comes into my home day and night, her response to me when I complain, sell if yo don’t like it…I feel my only course f action is a lawsuit, what di you al think?

  3. you really do have to be careful about the property lines. that is a very touchy issue for many people

  4. To follow up on the dog bites issue, a neighbor could also be very upset if your dog is barking all day and all night for no good reason. They might not be able to sue but they could go to the landlord or association and ask for something to be changed. That’s why a simple and safe way to deter a dog from barking is through an effective bark collar.

  5. I’m completely agree with all this post, and of course we have to be very carefully with our dogs, and try to keep good vibrations with our neighbors, at the end, they live close to us, and you never know if you could need something someday… so better to take care of everything or will be a nightmare for all…