Quest for Sustainability Expo in Indianapolis

Compost BinIndiana has a fairly great growing climate for growing fresh foods. Not too hot, not too cold. Our winters kill off many pests and diseases. We have four seasons which allows a bigger variety of produce.

One of the things Indy lacks is more self sustainable initiatives. Growing your own food, preserving your own food, and where to find these resources is a forgotten skill. Gone are the days of our grandparents who had victory gardens and produced much of what they ate. Today’s kids think food come s from a box, a drive up window, or wrapped in plastic. I want to change that. I want to bring back many of these forgotten skills and allow the people to be more independent, self reliant, and self sufficient and eat healthier. You cannot compare a fresh farm egg to that of a supermarket egg, fresh organic fruits and veggies right out of your back yard. Reduction in chemicals, reduction in costs, and reduction in dependence on systems that may not always be there.

I would like to start an expo to teach these skills and much more. But I need your help. There are already many talented instructors, and contributors in and around Indiana that have expressed interest. I want to know what you want to learn about. I need data to make this truly what people want to see.

  • Did you know you can produce enough food on 0.2 acres to feed a family of 4 completely, and have enough to sell to support the bills?
  • Did you know you don’t need a rooster to get fresh eggs daily?
  • Did you know you can have a year round garden, in your basement, which will also give you fresh fish, NO chemicals, and be 100% organic?
  • Do you think if more people had access to healthy food at lower costs or even free they would take advantage of it?

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  If you’re interested in this type of event coming to Indianapolis, please complete our anonymous survey today! Help me bring this information to Indianapolis.


Rick BeachRick
Wolf-Beach Farm
Permaculture Consultant