Indianapolis Family Makes Positive Impact for Their Neighbor

I read a story this morning on the IndyStar website about a family that purchased their neighbors house in a tax sale so he could have a place to live and remain in his home. The neighbor’s landlord had lost the house and he had no choice in the decision to have the house put up for sale.

Harrell called out the house’s auction number, held up her bid card and hoped that no one else would offer more than her $6,000 limit. When the bidding closed a few seconds after she offered the $4,274 minimum, she jumped out of her seat, flailed her arms and exclaimed, "I got it! I got it!"

The generous neighbors don’t have ownership yet, as the process allows the landlord 1-year to regain ownership.

With the news that’s been generated about the neighbors and their good deed, other donations and assistance has been coming in from others. One lady has pledged $1000 towards to purchase of the home, while other organizations have offered services to repair and fix problems with the home.

Stories like this are just some of the things that make Indianapolis a great place to live. I’d say that’s a pretty good helping of Hoosiers Helping Hoosiers along with the Hoosier Hospitality we always hear about and promote.