CJ McClanahan Presents Thrivemap on Friday

ThrivemapEarlier this year we heard from CJ McClanahan about how he was glad that his dad decided to move their family to Indianapolis. Now we can hear from CJ McClanahan again, but this time he’ll be talking about the moves you should plan on making in 2014 to succeed with his annual presentation of Thrivemap.

Five years ago CJ founded the Reach Foundation all with a simple goal in mind: to teach successful professionals that the key to a fulfilling life consists of more than just being successful in business. He encourages his clients to live gratefully and give generously are also crucial to getting more out of this life.

Every December CJ and the Reach Foundation present their goal setting workshop called Thrivemap. For the past two years the proceeds for this event have been earmarked for raising money for and introducing professionals and the public to the great work being done at the Shepherd Community Center on the near east side of Indianapolis. This year’s goal is to fill the event with over 300 people so that they can hit their target of donating at least $20k to the center.

logo-shepherd-communityShepherd got its start back in the fall of 1984 when Westside Church of the Nazarene sent a group down to Central Nazarene Church for a Thanksgiving meal. A few months later that meal expanded into an organization named Central Nazarene Mission, staffed with ten individuals that agreed to leave their Westside church and commit their attendance and service to the Central Nazarene Mission. Later renamed Shepherd Community, Inc. the work continued and in 1998 Rev. Jay Height was named director and continues to serve today. They continue to focus on serving their neighborhood and near-Eastside of Indianapolis with their goal of breaking the cycle of poverty in the community. Every year Shepherd serves over 300 children by providing meals, after-school mentoring and tutoring. They also provide health care assistance and college-prep guidance for families.