Healthcare: Right or Privilege? – A Smaller Indiana Debate


Smaller Indiana will be hosting their first, of hopefully more to come, debates across a variety of topics. The first debate will take place this Friday night at the Indy Fringe downtown facility.

The debate will feature two teams debating the question of whether healthcare is a right or a privilege.

Here are the teams:

Arguing for Healthcare is a Privilege

  • Mr. Randy Suttles, former CEO of Medical Savings Insurance
  • Dr. Ben Park, CEO, American Health Network
  • Michael Hicks, PhD., Economist, Ball State

Arguing for Healthcare is a Right

  • Eric Meslin, Director of Indiana University Center for Bioethics
  • Eric Wright, – Associate Dean of the Indiana University School of Public & Environmental Affairs
  • Others – TBD

This would be a very interesting event to take part in and observe the two sides. I’d encourage anyone that’s available to go to the event and then use the information you’ve gained FROM BOTH SIDES of the argument to have intelligent discussion with your network of friends and colleagues.

The event is free, but there are limited seats so registration is required. Feel free to start the discussion here, but I’d be very interested in hearing anyone’s thoughts about the event after it’s over as well.

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  1. kelly37 says:

    It is an Opportunity for us to join this lovely discussion with our friends and colleagues and also this event is totally FREE. This would be a very interesting and exciting event to take part in and gain some useful information.Hurry..I would be there.