Indy Said "Yes"

Jason BeanThe only reason I moved to Indianapolis was because I couldn’t convince my fiance to move to Nashville, TN. It wasn’t too much of an argument though. I had family in Indianapolis and my fiance didn’t know anyone in Nashville (well, except for an old roommate and other friends from church who went to school with her in Illinois, but that’s another story).

It has been tough living here instead of in Nashville for at least three reasons:

  1. The weather in Nashville is much better than here the majority of the year
  2. I was living in a posh apartment complex in Franklin, TN
  3. Of course leaving all my friends that I’d made since graduating college and living on my own.

I moved here in late October of 1998 for good. Indy wasn’t too much of a shock, after all I had family here and had spent plenty of time in the Circle City.

During the 4-years of college in Ohio, I lived here at least one summer and one winter break for two months. I lived with my oldest brother up on the northwest side of the city and worked at the Loew’s Sony Theater at College Park.

But now, I was moving here for good (although I was still living with my older brother until the wedding in March). I had landed a job working in the travel department for Lilly and things were good.

We jumped right into raising a family here in Indianapolis, we got pregnant with our son on our honeymoon. Two years later we had our 2nd child, a beautiful daughter. We now live on the south side and have become very active in our church, and son’s school.

Indianapolis is a great city and has so much to offer. I’m learning more and more everyday about what there is to enjoy in this city. From biking with my son in Eagle Creek Park, to enjoying professional sports like the Indians, Colts, Pacers, Ice, U.S. Grand Prix, Brickyard and of course the Indianapolis 500.

Keep it up Indy and I might forget what it was I was missing in Nashville!


  1. Ummm, yeah. That's kind of spooky. Do you recognize my name from the events I was responsible for scheduling for the complex?

  2. Jason, you weren't living at Wyndchase Aspen Grove, were you?


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