New Orleans Gearing Up for Next Super Bowl

As I was watching the Sunday Night Football game last night between the New Orleans Saints and the San Diego Chargers, I was impressed by the way the Mercedes Benz Superdome was lit up in pink lights to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Having worked in the lighting industry during college and still having an affinity for it, I always pay attention to that stuff. I was then reminded that New Orleans is preparing to host XLVII in a few months like Indianapolis did just a year ago this time.

Indianapolis recently received awards and commendations for our hosting of the event and it appears New Orleans is taking some of their cues from the successes we experienced here in Indy.

The organizing committee for Super Bowl XLVII have said that this will be their most ambitious event to date. The plans were announced recently and the most significant fact is that the event will involve the whole city. The whole downtown area will be transformed into a sporting hub, ready for the world’s eyes to see it again. The NLF tailgate headquarters will be located in the New Orleans arena and Woldenberg Park will be transformed into Super Bowl Boulevard.

The city will be buzzing for four days, with live broadcasts on the NFL network, as well as a lot of great entertainment. Even those who will not be paying much attention to the game directly, but still enjoying live music at a variety of venues recommended by, or a praline from Cafe Du Monde at You should be able to enjoy this time, as there will be a great line up of local music and food to take advantage of throughout the event. This will make the event much more than just a football game, and everyone in the area will be able to get involved.

The organizers have put a lot of thought into this upcoming event and with only four months to go, they have said that they will be ready for it. There are 22,000 hotel rooms within a mile of the Superdome and more than 1,000 restaurants that will be able to feed the hungry mouths of fans with their tailgating appetites. This will be an opportunity for people to see how well New Orleans has recovered from the hurricane and for the residents to enjoy themselves. The Super Bowl will be held in between the two Mardi Gras weekends.