Spirit & Place Festival

Have you heard of the Spirit & Place Festival? I haven’t until recently, but it really sounds like an interesting event and there are loads of different things going on that you can participate in around the city.

Spirit & Place is a national model for engaging arts, humanities, and religion in collaborative action to promote civic engagement, respect for diversity, thoughtful reflection, public imagination, and enduring change in the communities where we live. It honors the places we call home and uses the traditions and creative capacities of individuals and organizations to help all citizens develop richer lives in community with each other.

Our mission is to serve as a catalyst for civic engagement and enduring change through creative collaborations among the arts, humanities, and religion.

See if any of these spark a bit of interest or curiosity for you, Imagining Creation, Bountiful Bowls, IMAGINE-nation, Re-used threads, Exploring Imagination, Imagine there’s no heaven, Sexuality & Imagination.

If by chance none of those really spoke to you, you can check-out a complete list of events on the Spirit & Place website.